“Mr. Jimmy” Receives the LOTTE Award at JIMFF

Four jury members, including Stanley Kwan, the president of the jury, Nashen Moodley, Danis Tanović and Beck Una agreed to select Mr. Jimmy after a heated discussion. Also, A Punk Daydream, directed by Jimmy Hendrickx, was specially mentioned during the award ceremony.

The four jury members commented that “Mr. Jimmy expresses various feelings and dramas of a 35-year-long attractive journey of one man. Since we appreciate the peak of dedication and thoroughness that the protagonist has reached, it was selected for the LOTTE Award.”

Also in the closing ceremony, the Jecheon Music Film Project Promotion 2019 officially announced its support for the selected films. The result was based on the “Pitch Punch” a public open event which had been held at Megabox Jecheon theater 5 on August 10th. For the occasion, the promotion had preselected one feature film, three short films and one documentary film, based on the evaluation of the scenario’s excellence and the film’s feasibility among 141 entries.

Doom Doom (Director: Jung Wonhee) receives 12 million KRW and support for digital color correction and English subtitle production. Diva Janus (Director: Jo Eunsung) is awarded 10 million KRW and support for sound mastering. Also, Better Place (Director: Song Hyeonbeom) is awarded 5 million KRW and My 330 dollars Guitar (Director: Lee Taewoo), Her Voice (Director: Goh Gainsoo) each receives 4 million KRW. All films will be screened at the 16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival as a Korean premiere.

The three jury members including Kim Dae-hyun (a film director), Shim Hyunjung(a film music director), and You Changseo (a board member of Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network) commented that “It was happy to meet lots of enthusiastic projects. It is always difficult to judge the film only with its scenario and plan, especially judging music films, was more difficult. Considering the tight budget, we sought the best way to help the directors, and as one of the future audiences, I hope these projects will be screened next year.”

The 15th JIMFF introduced its various programs from August 8th to 13th. During the six days, the festival showed 127 music films at Megabox Jecheon and Cheongpung Lakeside Stage; also JIMFF presented various music programs by more than 30 teams.

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