Nongshim Ramyeon Prices Set to Rise

Prices of some of Korea’s most popular ramyeon brands are set to rise as more and more consumer goods continue to rise in the country.

The country’s leading ramyeon maker Nongshim announced that it will increase prices on 18 of its products about an average of 5.5%. It’s the first price hike on the Korean staple food in five years.

Shin Ramyeon, the company’s biggest seller, will rise from 780 won to 830 won. The popular Japaghetti will also rise from 900 won to 950 won.

Ottogi, whose Jin Ramyon is Nongshim’s leading rival, has no plans yet to raise prices and Samyang is currently reviewing its prices and will consider any price hikes in the near future.



Haps Staff
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