Nurse Suspected of Child Abuse Arrested in Dongnae

Dongnae Police in Busan obtained and analyzed CCTV footage of a gynecology hospital suspected of negligent of duty and child abuse.

According to police, the video footage showed several scenes of a  nurse mistreating the 5-day old infant by holding the baby with one hand, upside down, or throwing the infant into a basket for three days at the neonatal care center.

Based on this, the police have booked the nurse on charges of child abuse. They have also booked the head of the hospital for violation of medical law.

Police said they requested an arrest warrant for B, but explained that the court did not issue the warrant, citing any fear of destroying evidence or fleeing.

At the heart of the police investigation is finding the correlation between the infant’s skull fracture and cerebral hemorrhage, and the nurse’s mistreatment of the infant.

Police are receiving expert advice, including medical findings, along with video footage analysis.

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