What are the Worst Times of Day for Pollen Allergy Sufferers in Busan?


Pollen allergy sufferers may want to take extra precautions in the morning as a recent study indicates.

The Busan City Institute for Health and Environment released a study on the atmospheric distribution of pollen around the city, which is the leading cause of spring and fall allergies.

According to the study, the highest concentration of pollen occurs at noon, with symptoms beginning to rise at 9 a.m.

The study also revealed the highest risk of symptoms were from pine trees, followed by oak and birch.

Results from last year noted that pine was at its highest rate from April 22-24, while oak was highest on April 14, April 23-24, April 28 and May 13. Birch was found highest from April 8-22.

A researcher from the institute advised to avoid going out during these times, or to wear a mask if you must.

The institute have been doing research since 2010 around the city and in Busan Citizen’s Park for two months each since 2015.




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