Residents of 101-Story Haeundae LCT The Sharp Are Worried About the Elevators

Busan residents of 101-story tall Haeundae LCT The Sharp have complained on the government’s petition platform saying that they are suffering from fear and stress due to frequent problems with elevators.

The petitioner who is also a tenant of the apartment wrote on the National Petition that the strong wind makes the elevator doors unable to close on its own and that there is a lot of wind noise.

The apartment side explained that the sound of the wind and the elevator’s inability to close its doors was due to ‘thermal phenomena’.

The so-called thermal phenomena is when cold air from outside enters the high-rise building, warms it up and rises up the elevator passage creating a massive pressure difference.

The apartment constructor LCT explained that the elevators have been checked to find no problems. It added that the lobby doors of the apartment remained open due to new move-ins and frequent entering and exiting of workers such as interior designers in recent days.

It further said it will minimize the inconvenience of the residents by better managing the opening of the lobby doors.

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