The Serious Side of Song Hye-kyo


BUSAN, South Korea – For Song Hye-kyo, the days of the romantic roles may be a thing of the past – for now.

The 28-year-old beauty spoke yesterday at a press conference for her role in director Lee Jeong-hyang's A Reason to Live, where she portray's a hurt woman questioned between the right and wrongs of capital punishment after losing her fiance.

Speaking about her role, Song explained about the difficulty in transition between her previous roles.

"I had to do the acting within myself. It was more difficult than I expected, but was better than I expected."


Song Hye-kyo speaking at the 16th Busan International Film Festival

Song has been known for playing more romantic and light roles, going back and forth between movies and TV. She has co-starred with Korean heartthrobs Hyun Bin in The World That They Live In, and shot to fame around Asia with the show Full House, starring Korean wave singer Rain.

Song has hoped for more daring roles recently, also teaming up in a supporting role in Wong Kar Wai's film The Grandmaster's, where she had to learn Cantonese and martial arts. She explained about the unique differences between the two unique, different characters.

"I usually have a calm character, but in Wong Kar Wai's movie, I have to use my body and I am still learning how to be more physical. In director Lee's film, I have to express my feelings more than I normally do. I have to use my facial expressions. I learned patience."

As for the release date of Wong Kar Wai's release, it was still up in the air, but Song expects it to be released next year. It has been in production for nearly a decade.

While Song may be Asia's darling of the big screen and billboard, she does not always feel that way.

"When I was in China, I felt like a newcomer to the industry. Here (in Korea) I am comfortable," she said.


Story images courtesy of Ben Weller






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