The Air Below & Barbie Dolls – Free Live Music at HQ Gwangan


HQ Gwangan got two great bands playing on Saturday, February 16th — local favorites Barbie Dolls and coming down all the way from Seoul, The Air Below.


From the Land of the Morning Calm (South Korea) and the home of Husker Du,Prince and to a lesser extent, Morris Day and the Time (Minneapolis, USA), comes a band born in the 1990s and realized in the now. The Air Below recently put out their first EP, five songs about the heady spell of secrecy, dysfunctional pheromones and giving up the ghost. These sonic odes to how we exist under the weight of gravity are delivered with stabbing guitars, a nimble rhythm section and a voice that floats on top of the melodies, already on its journey to the 4ever. Check them out at:


Barbie Dolls are three ne’er-do-wells who can stomp their way through a garage rock anthem and melt hearts in the process. Check out their stuff at:

And this is a FREE SHOW, so even those of you with the tightest of purse strings can come enjoy some great live music and support the scene.




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