Walking After U & Dancing Noodle @ HQ

Image: Facebook

On Saturday, February 23, come down to HQ Gwangan with some of the most fun rock and roll this peninsula has to offer!

Here’s the line-up:

Walking After U (Seoul)

Walking After U is a female rock four-piece that has been touring all over Korea and the world. They play a mix of originals and fun covers, and last time they played HQ, they stole our hearts and blew one of our amplifiers, so we’re beyond excited to have them back! Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/WalkingAfterU.Korea/

Dancing Noodle (Busan)

Dancing Noodle is a 5-man party from Busan that infuses their love of rock with the bonhomie of ska, the rabidness of punk, and the sheer joy of electronica. Check out their stuff at https://www.facebook.com/band.Dancing.noodle.69.

There is a 5000 won cover for the show, and 100 percent of that money will go to the bands.

Music starts at 10:00 p.m.




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