Yongho Pier to be Turned Into New Waterfront Space for Citizens

Image: Busan Ilbo

Yongho Pier will be turned into a waterfront space for citizens.

The City of Busan, Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries, Namgu regional office, Busan Port Authority, and the Busan Metropolitan Corporation have jointly announced that they will sign an agreement for the comprehensive development of the area around Yongho pier.

The agreement will designate the pier as a waterfront area for the citizens until a comprehensive development plan for the pier and its surrounding area is established.

The area includes 37,716 square meters of land, which is on both sides of the Yongho fishing port.

The previous redevelopment plans include adding parks, leisure facilities, a swimming pool and cafes along the promenade.

They were also actively seeking ways to build a tower and a footbridge over the sea from Yongho Pier to the Cruise Ship pier promenade.

The pier, which opened in 1990, will retain the fishing port function utilized by the Yongho fishing village, though shut down operations on the wharf which was seen as a danger by local residents as it was used to bring in military explosives for years.


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